Adela MG

My name is Adela Martínez and I am passionate about Business Development, technology & creative innovation.  I love working with companies to find new opportunities for growth, developing new strategies and establishing new relationships with the ecosystem.

I consider myself a Digital Artisan because I combine what I learn making jewelry with what I learn working in the technology sector. My focus is in technology as an enabler to solve key business challenges and in the fantastic journey to improve user experience and user adoption of that technology.

After graduating as a Telecoms Engineer (Masters Degree) in Spain I moved to the UK to join what was one of the most emblematic companies in the sector: Nortel Networks (R.I.P it is now subject of case study in prestigious MBA programs). I must have loved great countryside fish&chips and afternoon tea because I ended up spending the next 12 years in the UK! working for very important companies. While there I discovered that I really enjoyed working with virtual, multidisciplinary teams throughout the globe.

My work in big multinationals like Nortel, Avaya and Microsoft as well as exciting startups, has allowed me to  acquire great expertise in the following areas:

  • International Pre-sales and Sales: account planning managing sales funnels and quotas.
  • Customer engagement: designing customer experiences, delivering solution presentations and pilots.
  • Services Portfolio Management: launching new services into the global market making sure they are Orderable, Quotable and Deliverable.
    • Market research and analysis
    • Prioritizing the areas of investment, business case preparation, analysis and investment justification
    • Setting of overall Services/Solutions pricing strategy and go-to-market strategies driving readiness at all operational aspects across regions.
    • Creating collateral and value propositions
    • Proposal writing
  • Marketing campaigns: working with marketing teams and agencies in campaign creation.
  • Sales/Customer/Channel Enablement: delivering training, presenting in events and conferences.
  • Managing and mentoring teams of people based across Europe.
  • Bid Management and proposal generation
  • Technology User adoption: developing frameworks to encourage a use of technology solutions.

During the last two years, I have colaborated with the Mobile World Capital Barcelona fundation (GoingDigital) creating Digital Transformation programs for companies across different sectors around the Mobile World Congress and IoT Congress.

I am also very interested in Social Entrepreneurship and Conscious Leadership programs focused on the development of  the human spirit to have a greater impact in the world.

Visit my Sway to know more about me and my Linkedin profile to find more information on my professional career.

Note: I still have on the first website I did in HTML at university in 1994! Vintage website!


I have a network of  industry experts covering key areas of Digital Transformation to tailor bespoke projects based on your needs.


If you need help planning your next project, contact me at:

If you don’t find me there you may find me in the workshop making some jewelry!


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