Torch: Accelerate Innovation by Ideami



To succeed in today’s competitive markets, companies need to innovate.

Accelerate innovation with TORCH, the Innovation Methodology that combines a  UNIQUE INNOVATION PLATFORM and top innovation consulting.

Torch is the most powerful way to train your creative muscles and generate more innovative solutions.

The best of Design Thinking and Lean with a multidisciplinary ideation methodology on top.

Try it out! The most powerful brainstorming app, combining management and multidisciplinary ideation with all the torch idea generation techniques.

About Ideami

multidisciplinary creative director, engineer, artist and entrepreneur, Javier Ideami’s projects and talks have taken him from Silicon Valley to the jungles of Bali, including Stanford University and UC Berkeley, the United Nations FAO HQ, the financial center of London, the International Cultural Diplomacy Conference in Berlin and many others. Ideami’s many awards and the multidisciplinary aspect of the Torch Innovation Methodology he created, come from his vast range of skills.

Some examples: Advertising and mediaFine ArtMusicPublic SpeakingFilmmakingPublishingTechnologyEntrepreneurship and BusinessMuseum InstallationsUnique EventsActingVisual FXCreative ExperimentsPerformanceInnovation and Education, etc.

About my Involvement

Throughout my career I had  the opportunity to experience first hand the selling process evolution from isolated to holistic, from product to solution selling and the key part that creativity plays in making the process a success. I believe that from Business Development to Customer/user Experience, a new approach is needed where creative muscles come alive for a deeper connection with end customers.

I met Javier Ideami in Nortel UK back in 2000 and I was fascinated by his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. That is why, when we met again in Barcelona in 2015 and discovered his evolution and TORCH I was drawn into its magic. I immediately wanted to collaborate by spreading the word and finding new customers willing to explore a different approach to innovation and creativity. My collaboration involves:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Identifying new potential prospects and their needs
  • Customer engagement and Solution Presentation
  • Workshop enablement and co-delivery


Workshops have been delivered across organizations of all sizes as proven in the testimonials site. This is a very exciting project with lots of opportunity  to impact the way organizations and individuals approach innovation and I am very excited about the future ahead.

Contact me if you are interested in knowing more.