Cheerfy: Personalise Customer Experience


About Cheerfy

Cheerfy is the in-store customer engagement solution for restaurants.

Cheerfy boosts your knowledge about your customers, and enables you to engage them through very personalised, automatic messages on arrival or departure from your store. This helps drive customer loyalty and increase revenues.

By integrating to your existing WiFi network and your existing customer database (CRM/PoS), Cheerfy:

  • identifies customers in real-time as they walk into your store
  • enables the business to automatically send personalised messages on customer arrival (ie:  product recommendations, birthday greetings) or departure ( ie. thank you note, feedback, bring customers back)
  • notifies employees of VIP customer arrival so that they can make them feel special

Key Advantages:

  • No user application required by customers
  • No manual check-in required by customers; they will be automatically detected
  • No additional hardware required in store; we will reuse your existing WiFi hardware

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About my Involment

I met Cheerfy co-founders, Carlos and Adrian in UK back in 2000. Adrian and I worked in the same company. They always shined for their innovative approach to solving issues, so when they told me about their new project, I became part of the initial group investors.

I really wanted to be involved in shaping the future of the business so when the opportunity arrived I jumped in! My collaboration with them had the objective to break into the Barcelona hospitality market. This meant:

  • understanding local customer needs and preferences;
  • researching, prospecting and qualifying potential customers;
  • preparing and delivering solution presentations to interested customers;
  • negotiating and closing deals.
  • on-going follow up


So far, we have implemented the solution in one of the landmark private clubs in the city and in an important restaurant group known by their approach to innovation and creativity. This will allow us to set the scene for many more opportunities to come.

It is being a great experience working with such a fantastic team, full of energy and determination to deliver the best solution to make an impact in the experience of customers worldwide.